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We have specialist capability in Design, Drawings and Documentation


Our head office is located in Adelaide with core engineering and engineering management teams in both Adelaide and Sydney.

We have in-house Primary, Civil, Overhead Line and Secondary systems design capability comprising more than 60 engineers, designers and design drafters.

In partnership with Engineers Australia, CPP is working towards a 100% Chartered status for all CPP Engineers, Technologists and Associates.

Primary Systems Design and Engineering

CPP perform primary system engineering and specialist design services including:

  • Design management
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Transmission line engineering
  • Design drafting and document control

The civil engineering activities include the development of site-specific bulk earthworks, pavement and drainage design solutions. Specialist areas include assessment of ground conditions, site topography, stormwater management and erosion control measures.

The electrical engineering activities include specialist design areas such as safe voltage and magnetic field assessments, equipment voltage stress assessments, equipment protection, equipment specification and plant layout including 2D/3D drafting services.

The structural engineering activities include specialist capabilities such as structure geometry development, transmission line hardware assessment and specification, substation hardware assessment and specification, structure, pole and foundation load development and performance analysis and design.

Transmission line engineering includes specialist capabilities such as line design, electrical engineering, structural and mechanical engineering, construction support, design drafting and document control. Other activities include line design investigations, line route selection, stakeholder consultation, line and structural analysis and design, line design verification, construction specification and tender review, constructability assessment, work method development and construction engineering inspection.

Secondary Systems Design and Engineering

CPP perform secondary system engineering and specialist design including:

  • Design management
  • Protection system engineering
  • SCADA and control system engineering
  • Design drafting and document control

The secondary design team undertake the complete integrated protection, SCADA and control system, HMI and communications design including detailed design schematics and documentation.

The secondary engineering includes the preparation of specifications, functional design specifications and the application of IEC 61850 protocol. Specialist areas include load flow studies, fault calculation studies, protection setting calculations and philosophy reports.

Other specialist services include the development of training and operating manuals, fault investigation and SCADA and protection systems bench testing.

Engineering Tools

CPP maintain a complex suite of Engineering Software for engineering and design drafting. These include:

  • PLSPOLE steel
  • PLSPOLE wood
  • PLSPOLE concrete
  • AGI32 lighting software
  • DigSILENT Powerfactory
  • ETAP power system design and analysis
  • CYMCAPP cable ampacity
  • MathCAD
  • Omicron Relay Simtest
  • Bentley MicroStation V8i and MicroStation AECOsim
  • AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Descartes
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