Tamworth to Gunnedah 66kV Transmission Line

The Tamworth to Gunnedah 66kv Transmission Line project for Country Energy included the refurbishment of existing infrastructure and a new transmission line at Tamworth, NSW.

Specific work scope included the installation of a twin circuit steel pole transmission line including optical ground wire (OPGW), and tie into the existing substation. At Gunnedah, twin transmission lines were refurbished, and new conductors and overhead earth wire (OHEW) were installed.

The conductors and OPGW were installed utilizing tension stringing techniques.

Key Challenges:
  • Optical ground wire (OPGW) installation
  • Transmission line refurbishment
  • Construction of a twin circuit steel pole
  • Overhead earth wire (OHEW) installed

Gullen Range Wind Farm 33kV Transmission Line

The scope of this project included the construction of a 33kv Transmission line which became the internal connection between the two halves of the Gullen Range Windfarm, near Bannister NSW.

The site was challenging as the team worked in an area where they had to deal with snow showers and sub-zero temperatures as well as high winds. Our staff safety was paramount and we worked with our onsite OHS officer to make sure the needs of the staff and the needs of the project were being met always.

This job was also in an area that had highly varied terrain and required substantial earthworks during the construction phase.

Key Challenges:
  • Upgrading and constructing the transmission line
  • Underground lines

Bega Bypass and Street Lighting

This project included the Bega Bypass HV Conflict Area Relocation and Street-lighting for Roads and Maritime and John Holland. The project included the design and installation of high voltage overhead and underground infrastructure and street-lighting for the Bega Bypass. This project commenced with Design in December 2012 and Construction was completed in November 2013.

Work on the distribution and transmission networks was carried out under outage arrangements with our authorized linesperson as the access recipients.

The works required extensive traffic management and working harmoniously with other subcontractors in a confined work site.
This project was delivered without quality non-conformances, environmental incidents or lost time injuries.

Key Challenges:
  • Design and construction of high voltage overhead and underground infrastructure
  • Fibre optic relocation

TransGrid Bathhurst OPGW

We successfully installed OPGW on over 300 towers near Bathurst, NSW for Transgrid.

This involved stringing OPGW on TL72 330kV/132kV Tower Line of 67 Structures, and the Installation of OPGW on TL949 132kV Pole Line of 270 Structures including Earth peak upgrades.

This project faced a few challenges such as difficult terrain and bad weather which caused significant delays and disruption to the program. To combat this, alternative sections were prepared in advance to allow for quick access to out of order sequence when required. We also proposed an Accelerated program with additional plant and resources to maximise efficiency and maintain cost.

Key Challenges:
  • Stringing OPGW on TL72 330kV/132kV Tower Line of 67 Structures
  • Installation of OPGW on TL949 132kV Pole Line of 270 Structures including Earth peak upgrades

Vales Point to Lake Munmorah 330kV Tower Refurbishment

The scope of the Vales Point project was Tower Refurbishment on the Vales Point to Lake Munmorah 330kv Transmission Line for Transgrid.

This project involved the assessment of 11 Transmission Towers and then doing Bolt replacements, surface preparation and paint application to refurbish those towers.

Due to the nature of tower refurbishment, there was significant consideration put into the protection of the surrounding environment from lingering spray from the blasting unit. We looked at the weather conditions multiple times daily, changed our blasting units to the Torbo brand and worked with the most environmentally friendly products for the blasting and painting of towers making sure to use water-based environmental controls.

Key Challenges:
  • Tower Refurbishment
  • Bolt replacements
  • Surface preparation and painting

Boggabri Coal Mine 11kV Relocation

The Boggabri 11kV relocation project was an expansion project for the Boggabri Coal Mine. Completed under very strict mining rules this project was undertaken to expand the mine’s capacity of coal from 1.6Mtpa to 6.5Mtpa. This involved the upgrading, relocating, and building of new power lines.

This project included a new 132kV Transmission line expanded mine infrastructure and supply, construct, testing and commissioning of approximately 8km of 11kv overhead lines and associated underground lines.

Key Challenges:
  • Upgrading and constructing the transmission line
  • Underground lines

Dubbo to Narromine 132kV Transmission Line

The Dubbo to Narromine project was a 132kV Overhead Transmission Line construction project between Dubbo West Zone Substation and Narromine, where the existing 66kV feeder (designation 808N) from Dubbo West Zone Substation to Narromine was upgraded to 132kV by removing the old line and replacing it with the new construction in the same easement.

The works included 29 kilometres of dismantling and removing existing 66kV line infrastructure, and then the rebuild of the existing 66kV Transmission Line to a 132kV Overhead Transmission line. This included the installation of approximately 120 concrete poles. This involved a lot of hurdles to protect existing power lines and needed to be put up under outage conditions.

This project included road crossings and crossings over existing powerline feeders, as well as many heritage areas, all of which were successfully negotiated and any obstacles were crossed without incident.

This project was successfully completed delivered to specification and within time constraints.

Key Challenges:
  • 29 kms of dismantling and removing existing 66kV line infrastructure
  • Rebuild of existing 66kV Transmission Line to a 132kV Overhead Transmission line and construction of 120 concrete poles
  • Road crossings over existing powerline feeders, as well as many heritage areas

Dapto to Sth Sydney OHEW, OPGW & Reinsulation

The scope of this project is to install OHEW, OPGW conductor and replace Insulators near Dapto, NSW.

The Works on this project Include TL10 and TL11 330kV Twin Conductor Insulator Replacement on 36 Strain Towers, TL11 OHEW Replacement from Str. 0 Dapto Substation to Sydney South Substation Str. 156, incl. Earth Peak upgrades and TL10 OHEW and OPGW from Str. 2 Dapto Substation to Str. 26 West of Dombarton Substation, incl. Earth Peak upgrades.

On this project, we have had to design new earth peak OHEW/ OPGW brackets with 2 attachment points for maintenance purposes.

We have also designed and engineered rated insulator lifting cradles with single point lift at 500kg SWL.

Yass to Wagga 132kV Transmission Line

The 132kV Yass to Wagga Line Upgrade project was to replace the existing wooden H 132kV structures with new concrete monopole structures, replace the old 115km Banana conductor with a new Lemon conductor.

The activities for the project were to demolish and rebuild the existing power line, to the new standards. To do this we needed to assess the access routes and roads to each structure location, building roads and pads to facilitate the upgrade works. It included stakeholder engagement and liaising with landowners to access their properties.

The terrain from Yass to Wagga Wagga is mountainous and the route included ranges that had to be crossed. This meant building pads and accessing site with large construction plant was difficult at certain locations.

Key Challenges:
  • Dismantling and removing existing wooden poles and replacing with new concrete monopoles
  • Landholder engagement
  • Environmental planning