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Correct design, proven technology and reliable construction are the key to our success in project delivery.

Our projects are allocated to a Project Manager who takes responsibility for implementing our project delivery process.

Through consultation with the customer, critical path stakeholders and other third party providers, this process aims to define and implement an agreed quality standard, project design management plan, the project’s organisational structure, communication channels, review points and project delivery plan.

Design reviews, signoffs and ongoing consultation with the customer are the keys to creating the best fit solution, which is carried out in conjunction with the design team.  We also conduct site visits in order to carry out site surveys, assess site constraints and soil conditions (i.e. geo-technical and soil electrical and soil thermal resistivity) required for the design. Throughout the design and review process, the primary and secondary design engineers and drafters work to produce a complete design package (i.e. a package comprising design documentation and drawings).

We recognise that plans change as unforeseen obstacles emerge in each project. Accordingly we are happy to adapt and work with the client as these issues appear in order to remain on track for a successful project delivery.

Our project delivery process aims to ensure that each project is designed, built and delivered to the client’s requirements in a straightforward manner that has a strong focus on safety, quality, program and compliance to standards and specifications.

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