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Optimal design, proven technology and reliable construction are the key to our success in project delivery.

Our Management and Delivery of Construction Works covers all aspects from the design phase and includes:

  • Procurement of all material and equipment forming part of the works
  • Construction of the works in accordance with the design documentation
  • Testing and Commissioning of the works ensuring functionality as per the design intent
We specialize in the construction of:
  • Transmission and Distribution substations up to 500kV– brownfield and greenfield
  • Transmission lines and Distribution networks up to 500kV
  • Renewable energy grid connection substations up to 500kV
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) balance of plant
  • Wind farm electrical balance of plant
Our construction expertise includes all aspects of:


  • Access tracks and roads
  • Substation bench and drainage
  • Structural works including equipment footings, transformer bunds, firewalls, noise enclosures, cable trenches, conduits and oil containment
  • Earth grid and the connection of structures and equipment to the earth grid
  • Substation security fencing, access control and remote monitoring
  • Auxiliary and control buildings including control, battery, switching, communication and storage rooms
  • Steel erection including gantries, equipment support structures, lighting and lightning masts
  • Equipment installation including power and instrument transformers, indoor and outdoor switchgear, disconnectors and earth switches, capacitors, reactors, static var compensators, synchronous condensers and resistors
  • Substation control and auxiliary equipment including generators, low voltage switchboards, yard supplies, marshalling kiosks, junction boxes and interface panels
  • Substation control and protection equipment including protection, control, SCADA and communication panels, batteries and chargers
  • Substation conductoring works including closing spans, strung bus, earth shield wires, tubular busbars, jumpers and equipment interconnections

Transmission Lines and Distribution Networks

  • Turnkey transmission line construction at voltage up to 500kV
  • Pole and lattice steel structure installation
  • Asset relocation, upgrade, augmentation, and life extension refurbishment
  • Overhead line stringing and conductor replacement
  • Installation of OPGW and earth wire
  • Lattice structure strengthening and member replacement
  • Line hardware and insulation replacement
  • Preparation and application of surface corrosion protection, and structure painting
  • Remediation and repair of structure foundations
  • Provision of line route access and vegetation services
  • Subdivision and new estate (URD) electrical & communication works
  • Industrial and commercial electricity connections
  • Installation of street lighting
  • Asset relocations
  • Redundant asset removal
  • Private network defect rectification
  • Constructability assessments

Underground Cables

  • Low voltage supply and communication cables to weather masts and stations
  • Control and low voltage cabling including communication and fibre optic cables
  • Cable trenching
  • Installation of three-core and single-core HV power, earth continuity and fibre optic cables
  • Installation of thermal backfill, tape and hard board covers and route markers
  • Cable junction boxes and joint pits
  • Cable terminations and joints

Test and Commissioning

  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT), site acceptance testing (SAT), commissioning and energisation activities
  • Switching activities


  • Battery storage module installation
  • O&M buildings
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