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CPP has created an operating unit called Consolidated Power Industries (CPI) to self-perform the production of secondary systems.

CPI is focused on the production of panels and kiosks used in the high voltage and power industry and has taken steps to develop systems and processes to self-perform these works. These systems and processes have been developed to integrate with the existing safety and quality systems already established in CPP. A factory has been established at CPP Halifax street premises to produce this type of equipment, which include.

  • Bay marshalling kiosks
  • CT/CVT/VT junction boxes
  • Yard AC & DC kiosks
  • Bus wiring junction boxes
  • Field marshalling kiosks
  • Yard SCADA kiosks
  • Full Protection and Control panels
  • HMI panels
  • Telco panels; and
  • Battery chargers and DC Distribution panels

CPP provide our clients with a complete and seamless solution for the secondary systems in high voltage power infrastructure projects.

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