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Asset Management Services

CPP’s Asset Management Services (AMS) specialise in the management of power and energy-related assets. Our AMS group covers the asset life cycle from the point of commissioning and handover of the construction phase through to the end-of-life options (upgrade, renewal, transfer, or disposal.

Our services have been utilised by our clients all over Australia for the past 12 years. Our capabilities include:

Asset Management
  • Asset management, assisting asset owners in developing inspection and maintenance programs
  • Transmission and distribution network asset management, construction maintenance and operational services
  • High voltage services for infrastructure asset owners and major industries
  • Rapid response services to minimise your downtime and lost production; and
  • Offer complete turnkey solutions for small maintenance refurbishments and unit asset replacement projects

Inspections, Testing and Reporting
  • Non-Invasive Thermographic & Ultrasonic inspection and reporting on the condition of assets
  • Online Partial Discharge (PD)
  • VLF including Tanδ and offline PD testing;
  • Line Impendence testing
  • High Voltage Testing of primary plant and equipment;
  • EMF Testing
  • Commissioning and testing services;
  • Earth Grid Validation Testing
  • Cable fault location and repairs including jointing and HV terminations
  • SF6 Gas Handling services including Filling, Evacuation, and quality testing; and
  • Provide detailed reports on the condition of the asset and equipment
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