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Company Background

Consolidated Power Projects Australia Pty Ltd (CPP) is an Australian electrical engineering company acquired by Quanta Services in 2014.

A Fortune 500 company, Quanta Services is the leading specialty contractor with the largest and highly trained skilled workforce in North America – providing fully integrated solutions for the electric power, pipeline, industrial and communications industries. The company’s geographic footprint spans North America, Latin America and Australia, and its network of companies ensures world-class execution with local delivery.

Through the acquisition of companies with long, successful track records, we have expanded our combined heritage to span hundreds of years. That experience, combined with our long-term client relationships, forms the backbone of who we are and who we will continue to be, supporting and growing with our clients.

Quanta purposefully retains a unique, de-centralized model that has worked since the beginning, which embodies entrepreneurship, creating innovation and value for clients.

In Australia, the Quanta Group of entities is led by Quanta Services Australia. Companies include Consolidated Power Projects Australia,  Nacap, and Enscope.

Our History

1996: CPP was incorporated in Australia. CPP owned by Consolidated Power Projects Co Ltd (Mauritius) with close affiliation to CONCO South Africa. CPP commercial operations are carried out independently of CONCO.
1998 – 2000: Crookwell 1 – First grid-connected wind farm in Eastern Australia.
2001- 2007: CPP operations expand into the utility market sector providing greater engineering & construction services. CPP develops greater local technical capability, ultimately becoming fully independent of CONCO both commercially and technically.
2008: CONCO is listed and CPP becomes an independent, privately-owned Australian based company.
2009: CPP has more than 50 staff based at the head office in Adelaide with a turnover exceeding $65m and working across three states.
2010: CPP opens our second office in Regents Park, NSW.
2012: With more than 110 staff working across three states and around 80 in our head office, CPP moves into our newly constructed building at Halifax Street, Adelaide.
CPP is selected for the TransGrid Panel for a duration of 3 years.
2013: CPP opens a fourth state office in Brisbane QLD following its inclusion on Powerlink’s substation panel.
2014: Quanta Services acquires CPP with more than 130 staff and over $110M turnover.
2015: Electre-TSD Pty Ltd are acquired by Quanta® Services and become a trading division of CPP.
2017: CPP win the contract with TESLA to deliver the Hornsdale Power Reserve, in 2017 this was the largest lithium-ion battery in the world!
2019: CPP and Quanta Lines relocate staff to Doncaster, Victoria following its inclusion on AusNet’s Installation Services Panel.
2020: CPP and Quanta Lines consolidated (Quanta Lines becomes an operating division of CPP) with more than 300 employees combined.
2021: CPP established CPI (Consolidated Power Industries) to manufacture industry-related panels.


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