Auburn Substation

This project included the construction of a traction substation for Railcorp at Auburn, Sydney. The project was delivered on time to the standards of Railcorp.

The activities included a concrete piled and shotcrete retaining wall adjacent to the live railway tracks. The substantial site works, included excavation, deep footings, a myriad of ducts and cabling including undertrack crossings and connections to transmission line structures.

The building structure was substantial and was constructed within a very tight construction space. The site was challenging with several complexities. The substation was within the rail corridor necessitating full-time monitoring and daily safety briefings regarding hazards associated with this environment.

The site was adjacent to Rawson Street with significant traffic flows requiring ongoing traffic management for site access. The site was within a floodway that required substantial deviation arrangements for site protection.

The site had live 33kV transmission lines overhead which required innovative methods for completing construction works such as roof truss installations and heavy machinery access.

Key Challenges:
  • Traffic management
  • Demolition of the existing substation
  • Substantial flood water deviation work

Blyth West Substation

Blyth West substation is located near the Blyth township in South Australia and connected to the Snowtown Wind Farm (Stage 2) via a 275kV mono-pole overhead line.

The Blythe West substation was constructed as a three circuit breaker mesh bus arrangement allowing for a future upgrade to a full breaker and a half configuration over two diameters with relative ease.

The Blythe West substation construction involved:

  • The full design, procurement and construction of the 275kV network connection
  • The installation of 5kms of OPGW on the existing 275kV Pi Structured Para-Bungama overhead line which required structural upgrades to the affected Pi structures and the design and installation of a 275kV insulated lattice turn-in tower.

Deer Park

Deer Park Terminal Station is located in Ravenhall VIC which is approximately 30km west of Melbourne CBD.

CPP was appointed by TransGrid to construct the challenging 220kV/66kV Deer Park Terminal Station. The substation consisted of 2 off 220kV incomers, 2 off 275MVA Transformer, 6 off 66kV feeder bays, 2 off Capacitor Bank Bays and 1 Brick Auxiliary Services Building.

The work involved:

  • Supply delivery and construction of earthworks, Drainage, Access Roads, Minor and Major foundations including spill oil tank and transformer bunds.
  • Installation of all primary, Secondary and communication systems including earthing, structures, equipment, cabling and Cable terminations.
  • Design, Procure and construct Secondary system building.
  • Secondary System factory acceptance testing.
  • Secondary System site acceptance testing
  • Primary and Secondary Testing and Commissioning including assisting the client during energization
  • Supply and construct foundations for lattice gantries.
  • Supply and erect steel for lattice gantries.
  • Liaison on the secondary and communication systems between TransGrid (Operation and Maintenance), AusNet (220kV Asset Manager) and Powercor (66kV Asset Manager)

Mudgeeraba Substation

The Mudgeeraba Substation project was initiated to provide additional capacity and to secure the electricity supply for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.  The substation is located at Varsity Lakes, Queensland.

We were engaged to complete the primary and secondary upgrade works at Mudgeeraba Substation.

The Mudgeeraba Substation construction involved:

  • A new 275/110kV 250MVa transformer, fire walls and noise wall
  • 275kV bus extension, isolator installation and gantry extension
  • Installation of new control room
  • Demolition and rebuild of 110kV feeder and transformer bays
  • Disassembly and removal of redundant transformer and selected primary plant
  • Replacement of substation security fence

SA Water Pump Stations


The SA Water Pumps projects involved the replacement of eight water pump station substations at various locations across South Australia. These substations are essential to provide electricity supply to SA Water pumping stations, which enable water to be supplied from the River Murray to Adelaide and surrounding areas and Whyalla and its northern towns.

Morgan-Whyalla 1-4
132/3.3 kV substations are located in the Riverland and mid-north regions of the SA transmission network. These four substations are essential to provide electricity supply to SA Water pumping stations, which enable water to be supplied from the River Murray to Whyalla and northern towns.
Mannum-Adelaide 1-3 and Millbrook
132/3.3 kV substations are located in the eastern hills region of the SA transmission network. Project SummaryThe design and construction of the substations included: site drainage, foundations, transformer oil containment, fire consequence, lightning protection, insulation co-ordination, a very complex earthing study due to pipeline influences, secondary systems integration with SA Water and remote end substations, control buildings and overhead line cut-ins.We constructed new substation benches, foundations, high voltage plant and control systems within and adjacent to live assets while maintaining availability of critical electrical and water infrastructure for the state.

We conducted outage works to bring new substation equipment into service with minimal disruption to consumers. Upgrade work at the remote end substations. Installation of new overhead line structures and completed alterations to existing overhead line structures.

We replaced and upgraded protection and metering systems.

The fully equipped control buildings were subject to off-site factory testing to ensure they met IEC61850 standards.

We conducted the on-site commissioning of plant, energization of the equipment and loading of the new transformers with SA Water pump loads.

Mt Lock Substation

Mt Lock substation was designed for the Hornsdale 1 Wind Farm and was to support the future expansion of the Hornsdale Wind Farm Projects.

Hornsdale Wind Farm 1 project comprises 32 SIEMENS Wind Turbine Generators.

The Mt Lock Substation construction involved:

  • Design of secondary systems
  • Primary and civil works and the 275kV tower cut-in
  • Procurement of the secondary systems, control building and all plant and equipment not free issue
  • Commissioning

The project was energised with extensive remote end design and construction works performed at Davenport and Canowie Substations to allow the energisation of Mt Lock Substation into the Davenport Canowie 275kV transmission line network.

Western Downs Solar Farm Substation

Design and construct the New 275KV/33KV Substation for the western downs solar farm.

CPP were engaged by Sterling & Wilson to design/Procure and Construct the new 275KV/33KV Substation.

CPP scope of works included:

  • Design and engineering
  • Design and supply 3 x Modula buildings
  • Procurement of all 275/33kv plant and equipment excluding the 2 x 275/33kv transformers.
  • Civil works
  • Installation of all plant and equipment
  • Commissioning