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Wandoan South Battery Energy Storage System 132/33kV Substation Energisation

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Project Details

Location: Woleebee, QLD

Client: Doosan GridTech Inc

The objectives of the project included:
  1. Provide a BESS capable of generating a net 100 MW output at a power factor of 0.93, in accordance with the National Electricity Rules (NER) and approved Generator Performance Standards (GPS), into the 132 kV network at the Connection Point to Powerlink’s Wandoan South Substation;
  2. Provide energy storage discharge capacity of 150 MWh at the Connection Point;
  3. Participate in the wholesale energy market;
  4. Provide frequency control ancillary services (FCAS);
  5. Provide reactive power and voltage control at the 132 kV Connection Point bus.

The Project includes battery systems, power conversion systems, step-up transformer(s), 132 kV Substation, control systems and all other electrical, civil, mechanical and auxiliary plant works necessary for a fully functioning BESS installation. The Project is connected to the Powerlink network via a 132kV underground transmission cable provided by Powerlink.

CPP was engaged by Doosan GridTech Inc and was responsible for the successful design, construction and commissioning of the following;

132/33kV Substation design and construction

132 kV Equipment:

  • Surge arresters
  • Voltage transformers
  • Current transformers
  • Earth switch
  • Circuit breaker
  • 132 kV underground line terminating structure
  • Protection cabinet for 132 kV Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit Breaker Control Panel for 132kV Yard including RTU for monitoring/control

33kV Transformer side surge arrestors

33kV switchroom building:

  • 1 x incomer panel 2500A
  • 5 X feeder panel 1250A
  • 1 x VT
  • 1 x busbar earth switch
  • 12 x protection relays
  • SCADA System and associated testing and commissioning
  • UPS and DC system (if required) to be 10 hour rated
  • Fire Suppression System in BESS

Electrical earthing for substation, bonding of BESS earth grid and coordination of earthing to Wandoan South Powerlink Substation

NER (Neutral Earthing Resistor)

Installation of Power Quality Meters, 1 x at 132kV level, 1 x at 33kV incomer level and 3 x 33kV outgoing circuits

33kV cabling (PCC Transformer to 33kV Switchboard; supply, install and termination of 33kV cable onto switchboard by others)

All trenching needed for the substation power, control and communication cables

Free issued equipment:

  • Main Power Transformer
  • Plant Control Panels x 2

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