Nyngan Solar Farm


The Nyngan Solar Plant or Farm is the largest operating Solar Plant in Australia. At the time of construction, it was the largest solar plant in the southern hemisphere. The Nyngan Solar Plant is located on an agricultural property approximately 10 kilometres west of the Nyngan township. The solar plant occupies approximately 250 hectares of land to the north of the Barrier Highway.

The project involved the construction of a 102 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant 15 kilometres west of the Nyngan Power Station.

The Nyngan Solar Farm construction involved:

  • The design, supply, installation and construction of the connection works comprising:
    • 132kV Essential Energy (EE) switchyard including primary plant, secondary equipment and civil works
    • 132kV/33kV AGL transformer yard including primary and secondary equipment
    • 132kV EE dual-circuit overhead line (approximately 3.0 km in length)
    • Cut in to existing EE 132kV transmission line between Nyngan and Cobar
    • Control and SCADA interfaces between AGL Transformer Yard and EE Switchyard
    • Associated civil and structural works
    • Temporary Works

NSW Solar Farms


These projects were commissioned to create grid connection for four solar farms in various locations across New South Wales. We provided the design and construction services for all aspects of the solar farms from the point of the solar farm feeders back to the utility’s nominated point of connection.

Design four grid connections including 3 MV delivery stations and 1 MV substation covering civil, primary, secondary and overhead line designs at Dubbo, Narromine, Griffith and Parkes.

These projects included the design, construction and commissioning of:Dubbo 15MW – An 11kV RMU, 11kV switchboard in outdoor enclosure, with associated control, protection and SCADA panels and approximately 2km of 11kV cabling back to Essential Energy zone substation.

Narromine 9.9MW – A 22kV switchboard in outdoor enclosure with associated control, protection and SCADA panels, 22kV overhead line connection to Essential Energy including installation of two reclosers

Griffith 30MW – A 33kV switchboard in outdoor enclosure with associated control, protection and SCADA panels, 33kV underground cable connection approximately 600m to TransGrid substation

Parkes 55MW – A 33/66kV substation including MV switchboard, portable control building, 33/66kV 55MVA transformer, VT’s, Live Tank CB and 1.5km of 66kV underground cable to TransGrid substation